Are you struggling to keep up with the ever-evolving demands of your business with your outdated IT infrastructure?


Look no further than our Infrastructure Modernization Services on Google Cloud.

At Axmos, we take pride in partnering with Google Cloud and offering world-class infrastructure modernization services. Our team of experts has extensive experience and practical expertise in successfully implementing Google Cloud-based solutions, and we excel at helping customers make the most of their cloud adoption process.

A key aspect that sets us apart is that all our employees hold official Google certifications. We are committed to excellence and continuous learning to stay at the forefront of the latest technologies and best practices in Google Cloud. Our expertise and knowledge are reflected in every project we undertake, and our clients rely on us for superior and reliable outcomes.

What sets us apart? Our team comprises highly skilled professionals with previous experience at Google. We have ex-Googlers on board, which means we understand the Google Cloud platform inside out. We know the best practices, technical intricacies, and latest updates of Google Cloud firsthand.

Infrastructure Modernization for scalability, flexibility and Innovation

Cost Optimization
Unlocking Savings through Infrastructure Assessment

At AXMOS, we are committed to understanding your IT goals and strategic roadmap in order to drive your success. Our approach involves evaluating your existing infrastructure, providing recommendations for streamlining processes, automation and workflows, and identifying opportunities for cost optimization. By aligning your cloud expenditure with your business goals, we aim to empower your growth and achievement.

Cloud Journey
Linking IT Goals to Business Success

We're here to meet you at any point in your journey to cloud. Our specialists grasp the intricacies of cloud architecture and migration and possess expertise in hybrid and multi-cloud implementations. We'll aid you in devising the most suitable plan, allowing you to innovate on a large scale with Google Cloud's fully managed, serverless offerings.

Data Center Modernization
Accelerating Efficiency, Intelligence, and Value

Undertaking Data Center Modernization (DCM) is no small task and demands substantial effort from your teams. However, you don't have to tackle it alone. Discover how our team of experts can assist you in strategizing, executing, and maintaining a holistic DCM plan that expedites time-to-value, mitigates risks, and positions your business for scalability, transformation, and exceptional customer delivery.

Accelerating your cloud adoption strategy
VMware Workload Migration on Google Cloud

Every organization goes through different challenges, and of course, those challenges should be handled with the customer's capabilities, here is where Axmos as your trusted Google Cloud partner is able to unlock the flexibility brought by Google Cloud VMware Engine (GCVE). Quick migration path, low technical profiles reconversion, no re-tooling, and without application refactoring. We are highly experienced on VMware workload migration to Google Cloud. Google Cloud VMware Engine provides a robust suite of capabilities designed to address the specific challenges associated with migrating and modernizing mission-critical workloads.