SAP DRP on Google Cloud Success Case

Compañía Minera del Pacifico (CMP) - SAP DRP on GCP

  • November 27 2023
  • Axmos
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AXMOS collaborated as a trusted partner with the client in assessing, planning, and implementing a disaster recovery plan. Key aspects like data backup, replication, virtual machine failover and network aspects were properly considered.


The challenge

CMP requires the periodic execution of its Disaster Recovery Plan (DRP) for its SAP system, which is critical to the Company's Operation, both for financial management and asset management. This platform currently it's hosted on Google Cloud in a High Availability setup in us-east1. A certified DRP for SAP ensures continuity during major disasters, reducing downtime and ensuring data integrity.


The solution

Axmos implemented a zero-footprint backup & recovery strategy from US-east1 to US-west2 using Google Backup Recovery, which takes snapshots every 15 minutes. Retention period is set to 7 days as per customer requirements. This approach applies to both HanaDB Servers and SAP Application Servers, ensuring crash consistency. Additionally, for HanaDB consistency, SAP backups are taken every 30 mim.


The result

CMP was provided with a disaster recovery plan with very low downtime (Recovery Time Objective/Point Objective of 8 mins/15 mins) and data protection integrity, along with a seamless transition from US-east1 to US-west2. Given the outstanding results, great performance, and simplicity of the entire solution, the customer took the initiative to promote the same solution to other mining companies.



"CMP had previously experienced the expertise and professionalism of the Axmos team, making it a natural choice to entrust them with the implementation of the disaster recovery solution for our most critical systems. Their execution and results exceeded our expectations, providing the organization with peace of mind in the event of a disaster"


Francisco Bastias, Superintendent of Technologies and Information, CMP


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