GKE API Deprecation Issues Success Case

Comercial Kaufmann eTrans - GKE API Deprecation Issues

  • August 3 2023
  • Axmos
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AXMOS collaborated as a trusted partner in assessing, planning, and implementing products based on Google Cloud. Our team identified the client's needs and designed solutions, providing an efficient solution to address previous security Issues


The challenge

The central application for managing mobile units required supervision and governance over the microservice's lifecycle. With the urgency related to imminent Kubernetes API deprecations and about 24 months of no updates applied, were generating a latent impact of very high risk on critical production services for the business. The key challenge was ensure minimal downtime.


The solution

After deep assessment we analyze the infrastructure and identify potential areas for improvement and API deprecation impact . Our focus extends to the application, security pillars, and GKE components. By applying industry best practices, we enhance the overall system by introducing native certificate management, automated vulnerability scanning, and artifact automation through Cloud Build.


The results

Following Axmos ́s recommendations, the customer was able to optimize security, streamline processes, and ensure a robust and efficient deployment of the cloud infrastructure. These modifications were achieved without impacting the availability of the overall service. Best practices were documented and new platform standards were defined


<< Thanks to Axmos agility we were able to quickly handle security risk and keep our mobile units fully operative. Given the new standards & definitions, we could launch new applications releases while reducing time to value in a safer manner. >>

Mario Calderon, IT Project Manager, Kaufmann

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