iConstruye - Cloud Migration Journey DataCenter Exit

  • February 28 2024
  • Axmos
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Axmos collaborated as a trusted partner throughout the assessment, planning, and migrating workloads to Google Cloud-based products. The project was successfully completed according to projected cloud consumption and project timeline.


The challenge:

iConstruye requested a datacenter exit for two sites operating in different telco´s colocation facilities, ensuring minimal downtime, high security standards, cost reduction, and designing a robust cloud landscape for optimal performance according to Google Cloud's best practices.

The solution:

The migration strategy had four key phases: Assessment for understanding on Premise workloads, Plan for collaboration and defining migration waves, Deploy employed a Lift & Shift approach, migrating systems and apps with Migrate to Virtual Machine, and Optimize for backup policies, monitoring, and security. This strategy led to a successful cloud transition, maximizing organizational benefits.

The result:

Axmos presented a business case with cost reduction, led a PoC for technical validation, walked through a Cloud Foundation, training workshops, DEV/QA Migration and finally Prod env migration in 6 months. Cloud Cultural shift, breaking down change resistance, and suggesting technology roadmap evolution.


"The dynamism and proactivity of Axmos, in presenting a Business Case, and promoting cultural change, supported by solid knowledge of Google Cloud, enabled iConstruye to achieve the ambitious goal of successfully completing an entire Data Center exit to Google Cloud and additionally projecting a modernization roadmap based on native Cloud services"

Matias Vasquez, VP Engineering, iConstruye


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