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Ripley: Azure VMs Migration

  • November 27 2023
  • Axmos
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Axmos leaded a migration plan for Ripley, addressing security, cloud best practices, system optimization & support, leading to IT costs savings and a healthy environment for production apps/systems.

The challenge: Ripley requested: ensuring minimal downtime, high security standards, cost reduction and design a healthy cloud landscape for optimal performance.

The solution: The migration strategy had four key phases: Assessment for understanding Azure services, Plan for collaboration and defining migration waves, Deploy employed a Lift&Shift approach, migrating systems and apps with Migrate to Virtual Machine, and Optimize for backup policies, monitoring, and security. This strategy led to a successful cloud transition, maximizing organizational benefits.

The result: During the migration process Axmos became a Ripley's trusted advisor completing the migration process in only three weeks. Following a stabilization period, Ripley achieved approximately 34% savings in total cost of ownership (TCO). Additionally, Ripley successfully implemented robust governance policies on Google Cloud, adopting a Zero-trust posture as the main principle.


           "The solid background, careful execution, and optimization measures adopted by Axmos ensured a smooth and efficient migration, resulting in tangible advantages for the organization, we are looking forward to working with Axmos on future projects"

Ismael Nuñez, Technical Lead Sysops - Gcia & Ops IT, Ripley.


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