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Unired - Azure Migration to GCP

  • February 28 2024
  • Axmos
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Axmos steered Unired transition from Azure to Google Cloud, orchestrating workshops and key initiatives for cost reduction, streamlined architecture, and enhanced security. Their professional service ensured success within a challenging 4-weeks.

The challenge:

Unired's Azure infrastructure was grappling with latency issues, escalating costs, misconfigurations, and looming security concerns. Consequently, they turned to Axmos seeking a comprehensive solution that would pave the way for a seamless transition from Azure to Google Cloud. With goals centered around cost reduction, minimal downtime, enhanced security measures, and operational scalability.

The solution:

Axmos led comprehensive Cloud Foundations and GCP Immersion workshops. Key initiatives involved migrating from Azure SQL to Cloud SQL, consolidating databases for cost efficiency, shifting Azure Kubernetes Service to GKE, securing services with Cloud Armor, and establishing a hybrid network for seamless communication. Integration with the existing CI/CD pipeline to ensure smooth deployment.

The result:

Axmos provided expert guidance steering Unired through a successful cloud migration journey. By diligently addressing risks, with significant reduction in costs by 31.2%, elevated critical services to higher availability, increasing overall solution security, in only 4 weeks, and finally offering Operation Service to support customer adoption and scalability on Google Cloud services.


"Working with Axmos was an absolute game-changer for Unired. Their proactive approach and unwavering commitment to excellence were evident at every stage of our cloud migration journey. Axmos didn't just meet our expectations—they exceeded them, navigating complexities with precision and delivering results that surpassed our initial expectations"

Mauricio Arcas Hernández, Jefe de Infraestructura y Soporte, Unired


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